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Joy Mercado is writing a Daily Times article called "Exploding Myths" on Moon Knight and a man named Druid Walsh. Starting with Walsh, she hears many myths about his feats of strength from people on the streets, and even witnesses him taking out a room of men on his own. She asks him out for dinner, which he mistakenly thinks is a date. Joy learns that the myths about him are not true. Moon Knight is contacted by Joy, saying it's a "matter of life and death". He meets with her, only to find that it was a ploy to get an interview. Coincidentally, Walsh shows up, outraged by her article on him. Moon Knight fights with him, but is beaten. Walsh escapes with Joy in his arms, taking her back to the restaurant they ate at earlier. Using a shotgun to clear the other patrons out, he ties up Joy and reveals his plans to blow them both up with a basket full of dynamite. Moon Knight finds their location and fights with Walsh once again. This time he gets the upper hand, but just as he's rescuing Joy, Walsh jumps him again. They take the fight to the roof but Moon Knight has to jump as the timer ends, blowing up the top floor of the building. Later, Moon Knight explains to Joy that everything was her fault and she should rethink her investigatory methods.

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