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A Box of Music for Savage Studs

Moon Knight is patrolling Brooklyn on a tip-off from Ray and Ricky that something was going down. He comes across a gang hitting up a row of shopkeepers for protection money. He fights with them, but they escape. He chases one down named Lenny and gives him the speech about turning his life around. Lenny ignores it and walks away. Later, the shopkeepers gather with axe handles, ready to take matters into their own hands. Moon Knight talks them out of it though... barely. Meanwhile, the gang are deciding on their next plan of action. They are going to smash into the pawnbroker's shop, but Lenny talks them out of it, saying he'll get the money by tomorrow. Lenny returns home and steals his mother's music box, taking it to the pawnbroker to trade. Meanwhile, Marc (as Lockley), visits Ray and Ricky to ask if they might know where the gang's clubhouse is. Lenny returns home to find his mother distraught that someone had stolen her music box, so Lenny, feeling bad, leaves to buy it back...

Fly The Friendly Skies

Crawley is telling Lockley about a rumour that someone has hired a group of female assassins to steal an environmental airship. Moon Knight checks it out, and is exposed to the gas filling the ship before being knocked unconscious by an unseen assailant. He awakens inside the airship where he discovers he's blind (a side-effect of the gas). The ship's owner, Brenner, turns out to be the thief and explains his plans to use his airship to gas every human on the planet as punishment for polluting the earth. He then orders his assassin's to kill Moon Knight, but despite being blind, he is able to fight them because they keep talking. Brenner confronts Moon Knight, unaware that his sight has returned, and is easily beaten.

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