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"I Hate Ghosts"

Moon Knight has been one of the few series I've eagerly been looking forward too, because, aside from being well written and drawn, it's a flat out fascinating series, right down to the core. There are events and elements Warren uses here which really makes me question what i've read. I've even gone back to a single issue multiple times in order to scan certain details in the writing as well as the art in order to decipher some details I might have missed, and I'm sure i'm not really done scanning the contents of the thirds installment either. This is something I can give a series huge credit for, it not only brings me momentary enjoyment but it also helps me savior the experience in an odd way by making me at the very least try to piece things together and/or re-reading the issue.

Now before moving on to my next point there is something I really want to address. The lack of direction is, to me, quite frankly the only gripe I have with the series. Look it's entirely possible that I'm missing the connection between the issues but aside from the formula i've derived myself, I haven't been able to piece the whole picture, and I'm sure Warren is moving towards an interesting goal but each issue feels too individual. Though to be fair, it does seem to follow a specific pattern and I'm certain the whole ordeal will become clear as we progress deeper into the series.

Speaking of patterns, I'm really enjoying Moon Knights interaction with his Multiple Personalities to be frank, I'm especially glad that he is conversing with the main source of his prowess, because this essentially gives the reader a feeling of some luminous inner evil which will only resurface at the appropriate time. It really gave me an impression that Moon Knight is his own worst enemy and seems to be in some odd way one step ahead of himself, if that's possible. See this is exactly what I was talking about, the book has that dark, noir weirdness about it which seems to intrigue me intensely because most of the time I, along with the main character himself, don't understand the full extent of the situation.

Moreover, Warren's awesome writing is, As I've kept saying time and time again, a perfect match for Shalvey's art. I am really enjoying the gruesome nature of the fight sequences, it seems so much like a classic slasher scene that I couldn't help myself from grinning the whole time. The dismemberment or disintegration we see take place here is some of the best drawn pages I've seen in a long time, and I cannot express how well it compliments the atmosphere of the whole book. Furthermore, I absolutely love Moon Knights new get-up. I feel that I should specifically mention this because I have to be honest in that I personally thought that the suit would look ridiculous in action, however I stand corrected, which I cam glad for.
Overall? This series is great, because both the artist and the writer are fully aware of how to approach this character. As a newcomer, I'm already immersed in the series and I'm very excited for what will come next. In fact, I'd recommend it to everyone, because while the book is taking a bit of time to tie everything together(which is ultimately fine because I'd rather have a series which takes it time rather than a series which produces rushed crap), the experience will definitely impact you one way or the other, because as mentioned before, it is just flat out intriguing.

Recommendation: Definitely!

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