the_mighty_monarch's Moon Knight #2 - Sniper review

One By One, They All Fall Down

The first issue made me understand why people like Moon Knight. The character oozes awesome charisma, but the pacing was a little off, the whole issue didn't feel fully put together. This issue sold me absolutely on the series, balancing the coolness that is Moon Knight with the raw talent of Warren Ellis.

There's only one problem with this issue, and it's really not a problem the way the issue balances itself out, but the story is definitely a bit short. It doesn't just feel short, the story is cut short because the first 9 pages are used for an experimental layout that succeeds greatly. Honestly, even though the story is short, it doesn't really feel like it, so honestly the only flaw works itself out just fine thanks to Ellis' talent.

It's not just Ellis who makes this work, Declan Shalvey's artwork is amazing here. He always does some very dynamic work, but I really think he was born to do this. He really works wonders with the crescent moon imagery as Moon Knight swoops into battle with such stunning finesse, I can't imagine any other artist doing this. The whole battle dominating the second half of the issue is just incredible, especially for such a small scale fight.

But really, what makes this issue stand out is the incredibly unique presentation of the first half. There's an amazing pattern to an extended scene that simply sets up the battle with the sniper. It's technically just setup, sure, but ends up making the issue stand out. I shared this around my co-wokers and they all agreed that despite dragging out and taking up most of the issue, the stark uniqueness pulled the whole thing together.

In Conclusion: 5/5

THIS issue is what I expected from Warren Ellis on Moon Knight. I understand why people like Moon Knight. He is AWESOME. But really, it's not the character alone who sells this, it's the character,the writing, the art; everything in this comic works on all pistons with a beautiful splash of unique presentation that made this my favorite new issue this week.


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