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In the age of the Superhuman Registration Act, the only good hero is one that plays by the book -- which the card-carrying Moon Knight most assuredly does not. Indeed, with Moon Knight fast becoming the poster child for recklessness and brutality, the question of the day is just how he got a Registration Card in the first place! As Tony Stark's investigation unearths the ugly truth, Marc Spector braces himself for the consequences, unaware that an equally grave threat is preparing to strike. Carson Knowles -- a.k.a. the Black Spectre -- is back and he wants payback.

The recent violent activities of "Moon Knight" are all over the news. The media is demanding to know why his actions are not being dealt with. Two men have been killed. The PR man from S.H.I.E.L.D. claims it is looking into the matter to see if any laws were broken.

Frenchie and Rob watch the news debate in silence. Eventually Frenchie has had enough and turns off the television. After he leaves the room, Rob turns it back on. Marlene catches some of the program and decides to give Marc a call.

S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to talk to the doctor that gave Moon Knight his psychological profile. When the agents arrive at his office, he hangs himself before they enter. Stark isn't thrilled by this.

A weapons dealer shows off some product to Carson Knowles. He has some new weapons for him and armor. When the dealer checks the bag that should contain the money, he finds it empty. Looking up, Carson delivers a fatal blow with a sword.

Marc and Marlene talk at a diner. He's surprised she called him. She just couldn't stay away. She asks him about the parole officer he's accused of killing. Marc asks her if she believes that. She says it'd easier to trust him if she didn't walk in on him wearing a dead man's face. After they joke a bit, she tells him that she ran into Carson Knowles. Marc asks when. Marlene tells him it was a couple days ago and this sets Marc off. He says she should've told him earlier. Marlene tells him it seems that he has changed. Marc now figures that Carson must be the one killing people and putting the blame on Moon Knight. Their dinner is over. Later he comes home and finds his butler and housekeeper watching the news in horror. He smashes the tv and tells them to get out.

At the weapons dealer's place, a couple of detective investigate the scene. The guy has a crescent carved into his forehead but the lead detective questions the use of a sword. The other figures it came from one of the many swords in the room. They are interrupted by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents as they take over the investigation. The detective tries mentioning that it could be a copy cat but he is quickly shut down.

Moon Knight prepares to go out in the copter. Ray tries talking to him about the other night when he had to use the guns. Ray soon tells him that the guys deserved to die. Marc is outraged by this. Ray says that maybe they need some new younger blood in this operation. Their argument is violently interrupted as the wall explodes open. They are soon surrounded by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Iron Man tells Moon Knight they have things to discuss...

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