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Moon Knight #1


I mentioned in my review of Magneto #1 that I hadn’t really read ay X-men books. Well when compared to my knowledge of Moon Knight I’m an absolute X-men expert. I picked this book up based on the pre-release buzz and I’m really glad I did because I loved this book. The story opens with an excellent break down on who Moon Knight is. He’s a crazy person and while I was initially worried that this would make him a “Deadpool-esque” character, he seems much more down to earth. Warren Ellis Does a fantastic job at bringing new readers, like me, up to speed on the characters background and that makes this book much easier to tackle.

The books story is mystery plot involving healthy and fit men, who are being attacked and their organs stolen by someone or something. Despite the gruesomeness of the plot, the book’s enjoyable. I liked the villain who can almost be seen as a dark mirror for Moon Knight himself. Declan Shalvey’s art is really well suited, particularly in some of the more maddening scenes later in the issue. The final dash of brilliance in this book is the colouring. Jordie Bellaire leaves Moon Knight coloured complete white and it really allows him to stand out in the darker scenes.

Moon Knight seems like a very different super hero. First of all the costume he wears, it’s a simple white suit with a mask. It looks good on the page and gives us some insight into the character, or at least this incarnation of the character, as a practical man with a dash of madness. I particularly liked how forensic he was, using his own experienced he quickly solved the mystery and Ellis seemed to be drawing a lot of inspiration from the latest Sherlock incarnation. I love that this isn’t a cookie cutter book. It’s doing something different.

My favourite thing about the book thought was that, and this sounds strange, that I couldn’t tell what was happening at times. Now that isn’t to say that the story’s overly complex, it’s not. The thing is, that Moon Knight is presented to us the audience as suffering from mental illness, in particular DDI. However revelations later in the book throw this idea into doubt? Or do they? It’s not made clear whether they’re just further delusions of a fractured mind or whether there’s a deeper truth.


Criticising this book’s difficult because I think it did really well. That said I did have to read through the book twice to really get a grasp on the whole Khonshu plot. At first I found it somewhat confusing.


A fantastic read which has convinced me that I have to look into Moon Knight a bit more.

Posted by Danial79

Ellis has said in interviews that he hated the DID explanation of Marc's personalities, so I think you can take the end of the book at face value :)

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