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Montenegro is the mountaineering villain who comes into conflict with Power Man and Iron Fist when he discovers that Luke Cage came into possession of a valuable coin that was stolen from him. A fierce battle takes place between Montenegro and the Heroes for Hire outside a building ledge several stories above the ground. Iron Fist prevents Montenegro from blasting Luke Cage with his alpine gun when he strikes his hand with a piece of glass. Cage would grab the grappling hook attached to Montenegro while he was distracted and starts to spin him around. Montenegro cuts the rope line and lands on the roof of another building. Montenegro escapes while Cage and Iron Fist are stuck on a building ledge. 
Complete with grappling hooks and his dreaded Alpine gun that fires ice, he can be seen scaling the highest mountain or the tallest building in search of wealth by any means possible. 


Montenegro was created by Mary Jo Duffy and Kerry Gammill in 1981 and first appeared in Power Man and Iron Fist # 71.  

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Montenegro is a skilled climber and uses various climbing gear like grappling hooks and a pick-axe as part of his arsenal. 


Montenegro has two unique guns in his arsenal. One is a gun that shoots pitons with enough force to embed them into stone cliffs. The other weapon is called his alpine gun which duplicates the weather conditions found in the highest alps. The alpine gun can form ice on various structures and would cause massive trauma to any living being struck by its icy blast.

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