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Monstra is a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. She is 7 feet tall and has enhanced strength. However she does not seem to be a particularly skilled fighter, indicating inexperience. She can fly by using an "Imperial Flight Patch". She first appeared in "New X-Men" vol. 1 #123 (April, 2002), as one of the Guardians to down the X-Wing Mark 8 (an X-Men aircraft) and captured its crew, Cyclops and Xorn. In #124 (May, 2002), Monstra and Fader were sent against the X-Men. She was slashed across the face by Beast and was unable to help Fader. She was injured but more concerned about his fate. She called Manta and Squorm for back-up. She was still struggling to get on her feet when attacked by Wolverine and further slashed by his claws. She was incapacitated. 

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