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  1. The Atomic Monster - The supposedly true story of a monster that stalks Sister Lakes, MI (Isabella/Jones/Vohland)
  2. Monsters Confidential - An awesome announcement of monstrous proportions.
  3. Frankenstein 1974: The Conscience of the Creature - What goes on inside a monster's mind? Find out as the creation of Victor Frankenstein stalks the city streets once more!
  4. Readers Unleashed - Macabre missives from our fear-fraught following.
  5. The Jewel that Snarled at Slight Greed - A centaur, a dwarf, some assorted villains, and a monster from the darkest reaches of imagination. Don't ask questions, read it!
  6. The Man-Thing: Several Meaningless Deaths (conclusion) - Deep within a forboding swamp, three people meet their destinies - in the most terrifying text story of them all!
  7. The Wendigo: Snowbird in Hell - Snowbound in the Canadian wilderness, two men lead a desperate fight against a creature that preys on human beings!


Editor Tony Isabella called this "by far the finest issue of MONSTERS UNLEASHED we've yet produced" in the editorial section.

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The Comics Aren't What Makes This Comics Magazine Good 0

By the 9th issue of Monster's Unleashed, it's become pretty clear that the magazine is going to be little more than a 2nd string Eerie, and a test ground for possible Marvel horror titles.  What started as a one page filler item - the 'real-life' monster comic on page one, before the Contents, has actually become one of the most amusing bits, alerting the reader to strange beings that supposedly share our world that one might never have heard of otherwise. This time it's the Atomic Monster of S...

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