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Contains several stories:

  • 'All the faces of fear!' a Man-Thing story - a horror from the past comes back to haunt the Man-Thing... and this time only one of them can possibly survive.
  • Readers Unleashed - letters from the readers
  • 'Peter Snubb: Werewolf!' is a one page comic synopsis of a supposedly real-life historical werewolf.
  • 'The Dark Passage' - Nick Raftis was a murderer. He was tried, convicted, and jailed. Then Nick escaped... only to be hunted by the very ones he killed.
  • Demon of Slaughter Mansion - an ancient secret haunts a family living isolated in the woods.
  • Werewolf Tale To End All Werewolf Tales! - A honeymoon is not the best time to track down a monster. Yet, what happens when the monster tracks down you?
  • Frankenstein 1973--Chapter 3: Once A Monster - His mind is no longer his own, for it has been transplanted into the body of a monster... and Owen Wallach can do nothing but scream in horror... or resort to - murder.

It also includes, a two page pin-up of the Man-Thing, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad or What to do Until the Genie Comes a movie review by Gerry Conway, and Glenn Strange: Frankenstein's Monster a eulogy/career retrospective of Strange by Don Glut.

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Look, Monsters Unleashed was what it was -  Marvel's attempt to compete with Eerie. It's definitely a book of it's time, a number of short horror comics collected in one black and white magazine with more than a little filler.  But you have to judge a magazine in terms of it's time. Here's a clue to what it was like - the section about horror movies talks about what may be in release in parts of the country in first run theaters, may be in second run theaters, or may not even be out yet. An...

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