Monsters, Inc 2

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 Sulley and Mike

 Randall Boggs
 According to LatinoReview, Sulley and Mike Wazowski are going to be hitting the big screen once again in Monsters,  Inc 2. Pixar is going sequel crazy! Toy Story 3 hits the theaters this year, Cars 2 (Why?) will come out in 2011, and now Monsters, Inc 2 should be in theater near you in 2012.   

If you haven't seen Monsters, Inc, it is about two monsters (Mike and Sully) who work at a power company. The monster world gets their power by using inter-dimensional doorways, which are actually doors, to travel to the human dimension. The monsters scare the kids because, as we all know, the screams are children are powerful enough to power cities. Mike and Sully soon realize that humans are diseased and dangerous, like they've been taught, and they find a dastardly plan that could hurt human children. It came out on Blu-Ray last year and is for sure worth the cash.  

But where could they go now? I'm sure Mike and Sulley will be in the film again, but will we see the return of the evil Randall Boggs? Keep your eyes glued to CV with more news as it develops. 
Who else is excited for a Monsters, Inc 2 film? What do you want to see? 

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I LOVED the first movie! And I wanna see Boo back, but i think they'll make her more of an older kid now, but who knows!

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The reason why they're making Cars 2 was because box office revenue said so. That is all.
I really love Monsters Inc. It's probably my favourite Pixar film, joint with Toy Story. So I say bring it on.

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This sounds good. The end of the first film sort of left it on a cliffhanger, I thought this'd happen sooner or later.
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I glad to hear this. But I am disturbed to see that Pixar is going on a three year sequel trip. I love Pixar because of it high quality and inventive stories. I hope these sequels aren't a sign that they're losing it.

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I liked the first movie a bunch. I'll watch any movie if Billy Crystal is in it. 
I don't think Pixar would put out anything that wasn't good. I'm not too worried about the sequel.

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i cant wait.

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This is exciting!
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Yayyy :D 
I loved Monsters Inc

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at last!!
ive been waiting for this for ages...

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Great news!!!...maybe theres hope for an "Incredibles 2" for me yet.
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Are they out of original ideas? I'm not criticizing them but it looks like they might be out of original ideas and are now looking at already created franchises to add to. I won't complain. Love Monsters, Inc. 
Think maybe it's many years later and the little girl is all grown up? Maybe with a daughter of her own?
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finally! I actually LOVED that movie! :D
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i loved the first one but I'm not quite sure if they could make an equally entertaining sequel
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I loved the first one but I always thought the sequel would have come earlier.

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Monsters Inc. is (if not my first) my second favourite Pixar movie, right behind WALL-E. I'm definitely ready for a sequel. Hope they get the original voice actors back, that'd be great.

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How about increadables 2!? Any news on that guys?

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one of the few pixar movies i like, im all for it. wouldnt mind WALL-E 2 or incredibles 2 though

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Loved the first movie.
At the time, it had one of the sweetest, most Poignant endings I could remember.
Psyched to see another one...

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possibly pimp.

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I've loved this film for years... I recently saw it on Blu-Ray, and it was SO beautiful!!  All the more reason to get a PS3 ;)  I'd love to see more monsters, but I don't know how they can top the first one...

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I've got my suspicions, but if it's true, bring it on. I hope they do something more interesting than simply Boo being grown up.

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i really liked the first monsters inc, but we've got to remember that Pixar has been making tons of money off of all these original ideas like, say, Wall_E.  Or Up.  But now they are totally screwing it up with this Dreamworks go for the sequel craze.  It could cost them at the box office (though 
DreamWork's Ice Age series suggests not), but it will definately cost them with the critics.  and just after their first Oscar nomination.  :(
At least there is still Newt.

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Pixar and sequels? hmmmm I don't know.

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Hell yes! Monsters Inc is one of my favourite pixar films. Cant wait for toy story 3. Id love pixar to do a sequel to the incredibles. make it happen pixar!!

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Omg !!!! 
I've been waiting for the sequel for yeeeeeears!!!
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I wonder if they will bring Boo back or focus on a new 'lost child' or something of that nature? 
either way, I'm betting it will be super cute!

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hello, this is COMICvine not DISNEYvine thank you

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