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Rita being mischievous

Rita Lopez was raised by Hector and Elena Lopez. Although she believed that they were her actual parents, this was not the case. Monster Girl was in fact an alien. She was of the alien race Farfarmniflatch. She did not discover this, however, until she was an adult. She joined the young Heroes with her childhood friend, Thunderhead.

Monster Girl is portrayed as a mischievous, cold, and selfish character. This is supported by the number of teammates she attempted to seduce. For a while, she was mainly romantically involved with her teammate Hardrive. After he left, she assumed more of a leadership role.

Later in the series, she was confronted by her uncle. He forced her into a life and death fight all aliens of her age went through. She subdued the entity with help from friends and allies. Her uncle was very impressed, because she had used more than just skills to fight him, she had used her friends, battlefield obstacles and resources.

Powers & Abilities

Rita is capable of shape-shifting into weird monstrous forms. It has also been shown that she could take the form of other people.

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