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Huge Strange and the Monster Men

The Monster Men were the results of Hugo Strange's theories in genetic engineering. Through Sal Maroni, he gained the means to set up a base of operations in Gotham and gained inmates from Arkham Asylum to serve as test subjects. His experiments created gigantic mindless deformed men with greater than human strength and were cannibals. These Monster Men were used to stage crimes needed to raise the money needed to payback the Maroni family. Their activities eventually attracted the attention of Batman after he discovered the remains of their victims. Eventually, he tracked them to Hugo Strange's residence where Sanjay knocks out Batman and throws him into the basement that keeps the Monster Men. The Dark Knight was nearly overwhelmed by the the creatures until he escaped into the sewers. His escape greatly impressed Hugo Strange as he believed he found the perfect genetic specimen and used Batman's blood to create a new Monster Man that lacked many of the flaws in the earlier work. He later sends these Monster Men alongside the mutated brother of Sanjay to attack the Falcone estate after the gangsters threatened to kill Dr Strange. During the battle, Batman arrives at the scene where he is forced to kill the Monster Men to end their rampage. In the aftermath, Huge Strange escaped and began appearing on television to present himself as a psychological expert on Batman thus distancing himself from the work he did on the Monster Men.

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