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  • The Conglomerate! - A scientist who creates hybrid animals hires a big-game hunter to kill one of his creations that has managed to become a menace.
  • The Witches' Sabbat - An overview of the witches' Sabbat, a midnight assembly where witches, sorcerers, and others renew their allegiance to Satan.
  • Night of the Kraken! - A lighthouse keeper helps a member of an amphibian race destroy a sea-monster.
  • Forevermore! - A vampire comes by ship to America in 1805, only to be killed in an unexpected way.
  • The Doomed Ones! - A couple's cabin is besieged by a pack of wolves and their werewolf leader, and they have only a musket to fight the beasts off.
  • Bad Blood - A vampire picks the wrong victim to feed on.

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