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Monsoon, the brother of Haven, he helped his sister in planning the Mahapralaya, or Great Destruction. The intention of this was to have humans and mutants evolve into one race, by destroying three-fourths of the world's population. Though Monsoon believes in the Mahapralaya, he found Haven's plans for this too twisted and wrong, considering how many lives would've been lost. To him, the Mahapralaya would come, but only when God decides it. Monsoon still aided his sister in her work, but secretly conspired with Valerie Cooper, who was pretending to be Haven's latest convert. Together, Monsoon and Val Cooper freed X-Factor, when they were Haven's prisoners, and teamed up to halt Haven's plans. In retaliation for her brother's betrayal, Haven renounced Monsoon, stating that she no longer has a brother. After the Decimation, Monsoon lost his mutant powers.


Generate and manipulate violent weather patterns to create gale-force winds, torrential rainfall, and lightning bolts focused from the sky or through his fists.

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