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Napoleon is a very smart monkey who acts like a brother of Bippo and Pibbo. The only noises he makes are "EEEP!!"

Monsieur Napoleon Meets Lady Mechanika

Monsieur Napoleon and Lady Mechanika

Monsieur Napoleon is one of the first members to meet Lady Mechanika. Napoleon, along with Bippo and Pibbo, were on hand to welcome Lady Mechanika to the Cirque Du Romani. While Pibbo chased Bippo with a club around the legs of Lady Mechanika, Monsieur Napoleon jumped on top of Lady Mechanika and stole her hat. The whole fight between Bippo and Pibbo was a ruse in order to disarm Lady Mechanika. Monsieur Napoleon successfully distracted her while jumping around on top of her head.

Monsieur Napoleon and Bippo

Monsieur Napoleon, Bippo, and Pibbo performed this same trick on Mr. Lewis and managed to disarm him and tie him up. Napoleon has shown a great interest in hats. Aside from Lady Mechanika's hat, he also managed to take Mr. Lewis' hat.

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