kfhrfdu_89_76k's Monsieur Jean #7 - Un certain équilibre review

The end. But it doesn`t feel like one.

This is my 35. CV-review.


Sounds flat.

What I like.

See that shadowy face picture on the down-right corner of the cover? I like that one.

The new character Agnés is entertaining.

This ish is very much like the first two. Sweet.

The visual side of the story is as fantastic as always.

I like short stories. Even really short ones. This has nothing but those.

Felix grows a new kind of hair!

What I don`t like that much.

For an issue of Monsieur Jean, this has awful little bit of Monsieur Jean...Not that he would only appear in a few panels, but he does appear less than is previous stories.

I guess that Dupuy and Berberian were a bit tired of making Monsieur Jean-stories, because this issue feels like that.

This may be the last issue of the series. Yet, it doesn`t feel like that. Probably because Dupuy and Berberian didn`t think that this would be THE LAST ONE. After reading it, you get that feeling: What? Did it really end like this?

So, should you read it.

Definetly. It`s not as good as the rest of the series, but it`s still worth a read. Or more reads.


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