kfhrfdu_89_76k's Monsieur Jean #5 - Comme s`il en pleuvait review

Problems from various directions.

This is my 33. CV-review. I hope you`ll like it.

What I like.

The art, dialogue, monologue and plotting is as masterful as ever. For example, there`s a very neat double splash page (only one in the whole series) in the beginning of the story. It`s very artistic and jazzy.

Coloring is very eye-pleasing too, as usual.

This is the most depressing story in the series. That`s cool, since the anxiety is caused by seemingly unbeatable problems, that the protagonist have to overcome. Felix is close to losing Eugene. Eugene is bummed out. Jean has nightmares...It`s great stuff.

Of course, there are also funny bits, that feel very much needed in this kind of story.

There`s a happy ending. But not overly happy. A subtle one. Classy.

What I don`t like that much.

Jean and Cathy have had a baby, off panel. I hate it when stuff happens off panel. Mostly.

This is the most depressing issue yet. Yes, it`s also a bad thing. why? Because reading it is depressing...

So, to conclude...

Read it. Buy it. Borrow it. Loan it to someone. Don`t eat it.

Posted by The Poet

curses! I was going to eat it!

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

Of course you were...= )

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