kfhrfdu_89_76k's Monsieur Jean #4 - Vivons heureux sans en avoir l`air review

Reading this makes me a bit sad...

So, this is my 32. CV-review.

The reason I write something like this every time I review something, is because I want there to be a prologue of sorts, in each of my reviews. I like prologues.

What I like.

The art has kept consistenly great. I also like the chance in the inks. They are different in this issue, and more rougher. More...artsy. It fits to the mood of the story.

The story on the other hand, feels like a french movie (like the previous issues, too). But this one even more so. You see, the story is more sad than in the previous issues. Cathy goes to USA because of work, and Jean is upset about her being thousands of miles away. He`s also uncertain about the continuancy of their relationship. There`s also bonding between him and Eugene. All of this adds to the story.

The humor is still there. Not as much of it though.

There`s also a Japanese folk-story added to the story.

What I don`t like that much.

It`s different from the first issues of the series. It`s not a terrible thing. But I don`t know if I`d want the series be like this. Then again, life chances. There`s joyous, sad and difficult times in our lives. So, maybe I should be happy because the story has changed. I guess I should be.

So, to read it or not...

Still worth your time and money. So, go ahead and read it.


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