kfhrfdu_89_76k's Monsieur Jean #2 - Les nuits les plus blanches review

Things get even better.

Tru-trudu-duuu!!!! This is my 30. CV-review! Naturally, it`s written of a very special comic.

What I like.

First of all, the cover. It`s a prime example of how you should draw a cover that has characters doing nothing but posing.

  1. Draw the central character(s) in it.
  2. Draw new ones in it, only if they haven`t appeared in the series before, or this is the first time they appear. Because if you do so, you can maybe succeed in sparking the readers/and or viewers interest. What are those characters? I want to find out! Then they will buy it. Or steal it. Or loan it from a library. Or maybe just flip trough it, and then decide not to buy it, because it`s not actually all that good. Except if it is.
  3. Make them pose interestingly. Unless if the point of the cover is to have the characters stand like statues. And that shouldn`t be the point every time.

The art is great.

Writing is great, too. There are some special stories in this one, that are so interesting that you want to read it to the finish ASAP. Well, if you`re like me.

There`s more imagination used in this than in the previous one, which is always a plus. For example, mortally wounding pizzas, and hippos in more than one strip.

There`s also jokes and funny stuff, so that the reader can`t complain how boring it is.

What I don`t like.

Only 44,5 pages of comics...

Verdict is...

Read it!


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