kfhrfdu_89_76k's Monsieur Jean #1 - Monsieur Jean, l`amour, la concierge review

Modest and magnificent.

So, this is my 29. CV-review, and it`s about the first issue of a series that I`ve recently discovered, and is pretty cool.

A bit about the plot.

Read the description. That`s what they`re for.

What I like.

Gosh, there`s so much to like...

First of all, the art by Dupuy and Berberian (they do both, and you almost can`t tell their styles apart) is cartoonish and wonderful. They do exactly what you should do in a comic. They draw with their own style an add all these funny details to the drawings. For example, that flying Miss Poulbot on the cover.

Writing is realistic. It`s just like the life you and me live. Well, depends on the age, actually. But anyway, it`s realistic, but not in dark way. There`s no rapes or murders to give the story excitement and grittyness. Instead, there`s walking, talking, smoking, thinking, imagining and lots of other things. A comic about ordinary life. That`s it. That`s the reason why this is so fascinating.

There`s alot of humour. Be it then subtle or aggressive, there it is.

Sometimes things get leass mundane. In this issue, for example, Jean gets to a bit of trouble because of gangsters. Because that`s life. Sometimes unexpected things happen. But not all the time, like in superhero- and adventure-comics, which is boring about them.

No matter how many problems our protagonists face, there`s mostly a happy ending.

What I did not like.


Let`s skip this one.

So...the verdict.

If you want to read a great comic where the main character goes to a supermarket, the movies or thinks about his past, and in what everyday-life is portrayed as something beautiful and eventful (most awesome comics can achieve this)...

You`d damn better buy this. And read it over and over again.

Or maybe you should just loan it, like I did. Whatever option suits you...

Posted by Trodorne

lololololol on the what i did not like part. I noticed the other reviews of this series but i wanted to get your take on the first issue. so I think from here ill see if we got this as well at my store. Cause now i think i want to read it. good job man. :)

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k


Wuuhuu! Go me!

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