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Arriving on Earth about a millennia ago The Monolith caused massive amounts of destruction untill socercers of the island Muara immobilized it .They buried it only leaving it`s crown exposed and a tablet  witha powerfull  spell on its crown .They built an alter above him  and named the spell  "He Who Protects". Somehow the tablet was stolen and brought to New York City to the  Museum of  Natural History where it was to be put on display as an exhibit .Bloodhawk and his teacher went there to retrieve the tablet and bring it back to Muara ,This brought them in conflict with the Avengers who happened to be there .After a brief  battle, Bloodhawk and his teacher convined the Avengers to return the tablet but they arrived too late as the Monolith awoke .Thor was able to place the tablet on the Monolith`s  crown again and then opening a portal he banished  the Monolith to an unnamed dimension  .

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