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Gatherer of The Monoliths

The Monolith Gatherer comes to collect a Monolith containing Aaron Stack a.k.a The Machine Man within it
During the time of The First Host, the enigmatic Celestials placed several black rectangular recording devices or "Monoliths" on Earth so that they could continue gathering information about the inhabitants of Earth even while they were performing their duties on other planets.

When Aaron Stack a.k.a. Machine Man was forever altered by his encounter with The Celestials, a Monolith called to him and drew him into itself.

As it left Earth, Uatu the Watcher bore witness to the arrival of The Celestial Mothership, from which a towering Celestial emerged standing on top of a massive lowering platform.

The Monolith Gatherer called The Monolith containing Machine Man within to it forth and then grasped it tightly in his hand, almost as if he were crushing it. The Monolith Gatherer then ascended back up into the ship using the lowering platform taking Machine Man and The Monolith with him. He hasn't been seen since that day.

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