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The monkey talisman had the ability to transform any object on earth.  It could turn inanimate objects into animals by pointing it at and calling out a name of an animal of your choosing.  The talisman would then fire a beam that would change the object upon impact. Jackie found this talisman underwater in Micronesia.
The talisman (along with the rest of them) was destroyed in season 3 when Jackie blasted the talisman's with a powerful laser in order to prevent sorcerer Daolon Wong from acquiring and using them for his plan.  But this action caused the essence of the talismans to find and possess the decedents of the original Chinese zodiac animals.  
Jackie soon discovered that the monkey talisman's powers had been transferred to Haiku, the pet monkey of the Japanese ambassador who was on holidays in Hawaii at the time.  Jackie eventually brought Haiku back to section 13's vault for safekeeping where the rest of the animals that gained powers from the rest of talisman's were kept.

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