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Monkey Boy was a monkey being used in an experiment to learn about Sign Language in monkeys. But unknown to his teacher, Dr. Grace or the other scientists in the lab, he was also secretly being used at night by Dr. Ichabod Gideon's lab, another lab in the same building. They used the poor monkey as their lab monkey experimenting on him with their "Modified Gene Gun."

lab Monkey Injected

One night he transformed into a larger hulking superhero. He lost his hair and his tail, but gained tough red skin, a gray monkey symbol that wraps around his body like a vest, and a massive body among other things. Dubbed "Monkey Boy" by the media, Monkey Boy protects the innocent people of San Diego from those who would hurt them like the scientists who hurt him.

As a monkey, Monkey Boy, was used taught American Sign Language, which he uses to speak to people now.

He currently lives with Dr. Grace in her small apartment in San Diego.


In his first issue Monkey Boy stops a carjacker, in issue #2 Monkey Boy fought the Almighty Dollar, and in Monkey Boy #3 he fought Corn Dog. Monkey Boy has also fought foes such as Bubble Boy, Cicada, Radioactive Decay, and his

arch enemy Man Monkey.


Monkey Boy is an average height for a human, but since he was just recently a young monkey he is much larger than he should be. He is also much bulkier than a human. He lost his fur and his tail but his skin has grown very tough, like a rhino's hide. A monkey symbol has shown up. He has also lost some definition his his facial features he once had. Almost as if his skin all over his body smoothed over and tightened. He has opposable thumbs thumbs on his feet, and a sort of flat head.


While it is unclear the extent of his powers, Monkey Boy has shown he is


incredibly strong, lifting a large tree from its roots with no difficulty. He is also very agile, jumping leaps and bounds and landing on a small ledge. Monkey Boy, through his transformation, has also gained human level intelligence. But, since he was a young monkey, his intelligence only progressed to the level of a young child of maybe ten years old.

Modified Gene Gun

Modified Gene Gun

Dr. Gideon's lab injected a series of shots into Gregory over the coarse of several weeks. Eventually what was in those injections transformed Gregory's DNA, changing him into Monkey Boy.

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