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Mongal made her first named appearance when she and Mongul Jr. lured Superman into a battle that spanned Metropolis. This resulted in the near death of Mongul Jr. at the teeth of Krypto. Mongal escaped the battle relatively unscathed and returned to Earth later to attempt to destroy New York City.

Our Worlds At War & Unlikely Alliance

During the "Our Worlds At War" storyline, Mongal would team up with Starfire, Grayven, Darkseid, Adam Strange, Massacre, Maxima, & the remaining Almerac native to face the threat known as Imperiex.


Following the events of the 'Our Worlds At War' story arc, Mongal revealed on two occasions that she had taken the Crown of Almerac from Maxima who had seemingly perished in battle. As such, the small band of Almeracian survivors respected her for her valiant performance during the war, and willingly appointed her their new warrior queen.


Mongul 2 & his dead sister

After an argument between the two of them, Mongal was decapitated by her brother, who felt family was a weakness.

Mongal's remains are seen after Mongul is empowered by a Sinestro Corps ring. He taunts his sister's corpse, noting that it would be him to carry on their father's legacy.

Powers & Abilities

Mongal like her brother and father, had immense superhuman Strength, Agility, Durability, Speed & Invulnerability that allowed her to engage Superman and his allies in physical combat.

Mongal also like her brother has an energy cannon attached to her chest allowing her to fire massive beams of energy at her foes. Mongal is also a decent hand to hand combatant and impressed the small band of remaining Almeracian's to declare her their new queen.

Other Media Appearances

Mongal appeared in the TV show Batman the Brave and the Bold, along with her brother when they forced Batman & Jonah Hex to fight each other. However in this show Mongal had Stompa and Lashina from Apokolips under her command. When Jonah hex & Batman teamed up, Mongal & Mongul tried to fight them only to suffer defeat.

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