adamwarlock's Mondo #1 - Meekaholic review

McKeever's nicest art in 20 years

New Ted McKeever material is always a cause for celebration. Even when his output isn't necessarily comprehensible (which is about half the time, maybe more), it is still well worth the read for the art alone. There never has been and likely will never again be a comic artist quite like Ted McKeever, with his distinctive surreal style and his strange blend of obsessions that are recurring themes in his body of work.

This new series is off to a very strong start. It's a strange story, with some truly bizarre details that have no explanation yet (and may never, who knows), but by McKeever's standards (at least from his works since the mid 90's), this series is actually shaping up to be fairly cohesive.

I could see where some critics might look through this issue and say the art is inconsistent, or hit and miss. Indeed, McKeever changes the style up throughout the story, going back and forth between some of the grittiest stuff he's ever drawn and some of the most crisp and polished since "Plastic Forks" in the early 90's. With the story bouncing around between multiple perspectives, and the story being so quirky, the shifts in artistic style (all of which still distinctly McKeever) works.

Like any and all of McKeever's works, you should buy it for the art. But thus far, this series is looking to be his most accessible and well worth actually reading and not just admiring the unique art. His previous series, "Meta4" was nearly impenetrable for me, and I'm a die-hard McKeever fanatic. This new title, though, if it maintains the level of quality that it displays in this first issue, could easily prove to be his best work as both writer and artist since "Industrial Gothic" around 1995.

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