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With its third issue, Mome welcomes two new additions to its ranks: French cartoonist David B., author of the landmark graphic novel Epileptic, contributes a 36-page complete story, "The Armed Garden," which appears in English for the first time; also, R. Kikuo Johnson, whose Night Fisher was the most acclaimed graphic novel debut of 2005, debuts his first post-Night Fisher work, a series of comic strips titled "Cher Shimura." This issue also includes the following: John Pham's "221 Sycamore Street," presented in a unique three-color process and design that recalls the classic strip Gasoline Alley; Paul Hornschemeier's "Life with Mr. Dangerous," a full-color narrative about a young woman who struggles to define a life outside of the example her mother provides, spending far too much time watching a cartoon called "Mr. Dangerous"; and David Heatley (Deadpan, McSweeney's) tells a story from the fictional town of Overpeck, a city he conceived in a dream. The issue also features new work by Anders Nilsen (in full-color), Jeffrey Brown (of Clumsy, Big Head!, and McSweeney's fame), Andrice Arp (Sheherezade), Kurt Wolfgang (Where Hats Go), Gabrielle Bell (Sheherezade), Jonathan Bennett (Esoteric Tales), Sophie Crumb (Belly Button Comix), and Martin Cendreda, as well as an interview with Wolfgang conducted by Mome co-editor Gary Groth.

Story Titles

  • Matthew and Buster by Martin Cendreda
  • The Armed Garden by David B.
  • On Whaling by Anders Nilsen
  • Roll of Film by Jonathan Bennett
  • Cher Shimura by R. Kikuo Johnson
  • Overpeck, Part 3 by David Heatley
  • Odd Petal Out by Kurt Wolfgang
  • Toughskins '77 by Kurt Wolfgang
  • Kurt Wolfgang Interview by Gary Groth
  • To Capt. Ayres by Andrice Arp
  • Mike's Cafe by Gabrielle Bell
  • Hollywood Money by Jeffrey Brown
  • How I Became A Cold Blooded Murderer by Jeffrey Brown
  • Matthew and Buster by Martin Cendreda

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