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Molly herself takes issue with any such terminology — refusing to even discuss the subject — is only the tip of the iceberg here. She came to us, or rather, was located by a new apparatus developed in the ectolabs of R&D, nearly three years ago. Newly...liberated of her mortal coil, Molly was lost and afraid and, sadly, unaware of her new condition. Contacted and befriended by our resident psychic, Joann DeFile, Molly soon felt herself at home here at BEDLAM and eventually agreed to undergo counseling with Dr. Sheehan (see file: Sheehan, Patricia, MSW, CSW 67/8-10), which greatly helped Molly to deal with her new situation and surroundings.

Molly is incorporeal — ethereal — and views this as her greatest bane. She longs for the touch of another and yet knows that it can never be. Though generally in high spirits, Molly has been known to fall into brief yet deep depressions regarding her state. It is felt by Dr. Sheehan and others that one of these episodes of despair may actually 'push' Molly into the next phase of her journey.

It is believed that Molly is more a 'half-ghost', as, while she cannot completely pass into the 'next world', she appears to be rooted here, to this plane of existence, by some lot or some manner of unfinished business. She can regulate her own visibility. She is visited regularly by three familiars through whom she receives much information which has aided her and Blue Team in the field. Her intangible form and extra-dimensional contacts have made Molly a great asset to the group.

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