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A young waitress, who fell for Charming's ways and became one of his conquests. Its unkown how long it lasted, but she most likely dumped him due to his lack of willigness to pull his weight and infidelity. During the Rose Red arc, Maddy was sent as a spy for Fabletown. As it was known her magic kept her shielded and unseen by Mister Dark. As she explored what use to be their city, she noticed several things. One was that Mister Dark could have a heavy influence on those around him but more importantly he was still looking for them. As she looked through the city, she instantly recognized Molly but she was now one of his witherlings. Meaning that he killed her or was just under his influence, his full power or what becomes of his witherlings since his passing hasn't been stated.

Seeing this Maddy noticed that Molly was just a string of people they had encountered, and that he was using the mundys they encountered to lead him to the Fables.

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