Molecule Man (Owen Reece) Respect Thread

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He is the most powerful being in the marvel universe short of the One Above All (not the celestial).  And, despite this power he only wants the most simple pleasures of life - living in his suburban apartment with Volcana and watching TV re-runs, occasional taking in a movie.

He is comic proof that absolute power does not corrupt absolutely.  Because although he started out as a villain (wanting vengeance and respect for all the years of belittling he suffered) the stronger and more capable he has become the more down to earth he became.

He has no desire for control, destruction, power or even heroics.  He is just a simple man enjoying a simple life.

The man is the bomb and short of the OOA (marvel), The Presence (DC), Beyonder (pre-retcon) and their equivalents in other comic universes he is the top dog without question.

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What no one has any additional comments?  I'm shocked.

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The Fantastic Four beat him. With plastic.

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You disrespect him greatly you are very sad. First off he isn't the most powerul short of the one above all he is the most powerful human in the omniverse something like tha but just under beyonder. Secondly if you make a respect thread show some respect by posting some feats rather then just saying show some respect.

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The Beyonder = TOAA, there fore Owen is just below him.  You right let me find some good feats to post.

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Tevnoba said:
"The Beyonder = TOAA, there fore Owen is just below him.  You right let me find some good feats to post.

Wow... No.
The Beyonder is not even close to OOA or Living Tribunal, and definitely not the same.
And even though Molecule Man is extremely powerful he's nowhere near the top in the Marvel universe.
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I loved the relationship he had with Volcana!  What ever happened to Molecule Man anyway?

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somebody needs to start posting feats

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seriously ppl, lets get with the feats!

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Correction: The Beyonder was above any other entity (Eternity, TOAA and LT, all stepped aside and only MM took the fight) in Marvel. He could have destroyed the Multiverse, as told during his saga, and therefore killed even those entities along. I'm sure that if there was anyone else stronger around, The watcher wouldn't turn to MM saying he was the only hope.

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you're reffering to  post-retcon Beyonder
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@Tevnoba said:
"The Beyonder = TOAA, there fore Owen is just below him.  You right let me find some good feats to post."

please i beg of you post some feats for PR MM on this thread....
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I'm all about the Molecule Man, and I'll post some feats later.  But first, let me say that the main reason I like him is what Tevnoba said, which is that despite his power, he is (or at least was) an everyday guy.  He was at peace with himself, his girl, and his power.  Almost everything after Secret Wars 2 hurt the characters.  The retcon, of course, but all of that junk in Hulk in the 90s, and then the ridiculous thing with the Sentry.  I mean, they showed that he was a prisoner on the Raft.  How are you going to imprison a near-omnipotent character? 
It's not just that they made him less powerful.  I feel like they debased him, turned him into the same winy worm he was at the beginning, and made all his growth since his origin meaningless. 
So from my point of view, I'm just waiting for someone to come along and re-retcon everything post SW2 into something that respects his character more.  I don't need them to increase his power, just respect his character.

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He was a great character.

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OK, here are some, they are all out of order.

We have here: dropping a mountain in Secret Wars, getting his mental blocks released, ripping up part of Battleworld's crust, recreating Earth's crust with the Surfer when MM is severely hurt from fighting Beyonder (more pages of that after), fighting the Beyonder post-cosmic cube retcon, fighting the Beyonder in Secreat Wars II (2 pictures), releasing Marsha's molecules from the Beyonder's control, 3 pictures of him talking about how the Surfer helped him and then he fixed all the damage the Beyonder did in his spare time, being mad at the Watcher, the Watcher's story of his life, out-fighting Kosmos/Kubik with Kubik saying MM is more powerful than them, 2 pics of him fixing the earth with the Surfer (continued from picture 4), fixing the damage created by the Beyonder's multiversal blast, getting respect from all the cosmic entities, 4 out-of-order (the last one should be first, and it's actually a recap from another comic) pics of fighting the Beyonder at the end of Secret Wars II and then saving everything from the Beyonder's blast.

Oops...missed a few:

The Beyonder's multiversal blast that Owen fixed above, shunting the Beyonder's power into his old dimension, the original last page of the last set of pics from the above set (where he saves everythng from the Beyonder's blast), the Watcher's ask Reece for help, he uses his omniscience to figure out what the other cosmic powers are doing, he recreates the galaxy the Beyonder destroyed.

Sorry about the total lack of order. If anyone has any questions I can clarify the scans.

And I'll end with my favorite scene for this respect thread, where Owen gets some respect from his fellow villains!

MM stands up for himself
Any of you have something to say?
Yes Sir Mr Molecule Man!
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Here's a few others from his first appearance:

Uatu says that MM could wipe out a solar system.

Uatu then goes on to say that MM could destroy universes, and that he is a threat to the entire race of the Watchers. (This adds a little more evidence to the idea that MM lost his fight against Aron the rogue Watcher due to the fact that he was under the Puppet Master's control and thus not fighting at his full potential.)

Also, just as an interesting note on the idea that the Molecule Man could only affect inorganic molecules, and thus matter:

So he could apparently still affect energy, even if it was given a weird explanation ("electric molecules"). It seems to point to his always being able to convert between matter and energy, in any case.

(It is true that he was unable to affect organic molecules at this point, although there are several instances where he affected organic molecules in some of his other early appearances.)

And here are a few more:

In the stage where his mind is in his wand and he's possessing people--so pre-SW1, and still at the time when he supposedly can only control inorganic molecules--he manipulates electricity so that it runs from a powerline into the Micronaut Biotron:

But then shortly after, this affirms that his body is more or less vulnerable to any normal attack:

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