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Leonia Tavaria was born to a royal family on the planet Eiattu 4. At the age of sixteen, she began an affair with High Admiral Tharil Tavaria who was in command of a fleet overseeing Leonia's world during the time of the Empire. After the death of Emperor Palpitine, Moff Tharil used his fleet to stay in command of the of the planet while commendeering the wealth of the royal family. Moff Tharil married Tavaria after the mysterious death of his wife. Immediately after their wedding, the Moff had a stroke which left him speechless and paralyzed. He worked tirelessly to gain the use of his hands, an apparant goal of his, because he picked up a blaster and commited suicide, leaving Tavaria in charge of Eiattu 4 and the planetary wealth. Through the actions of the Rogue Squadron, Leonia Tavaria was forced to flee and was not heard from again until Grand Admiral Thrawn began his campaign against the New Republic. It was about this time, Tavaria entered into a relationship with High Admiral Trueten Teredoc who in turn, gave her the Imperial Star Destroyer Invidious.

Admiral Tavaria formed a coalition of pirates called the Invids and under her direction, they raided various planets for their wealth and supplies. During one such raid, Admiral Tavaria found a group of Force sensitives who had been in hiding since before the rise of the Empire. Admiral Tavaria threatened the safety of the families living there unless they joined her aboard the Invidious to use their talents in service of Admiral Tavaria. This group of Force users, called the Jensaarai, kidnapped the wife of Rogue Squadron pilot, Corran Horn while she began finding a way to help rid the galaxy of Admiral Tavaria and the Invids. This prompted Horn to infiltrate the Invids and disrupt their pirate activites while searching for his wife. Corran, along with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, raided the homebase of Admiral Tavaria, rescuing Corran's wife, Mirax, fought the Jensarrai, and redeeming them to the light side of the Force. Admiral Tavaria has since been on the run. Her whereabouts are unknown today.

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