MODOK Reign Delay REVIEWED, Funny Stuff Here!

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MODOK has his own comic.  Who would've thought this would happen?  Who would've thought that I'd actually buy this?  MODOK is a man (or maybe just a head) that wants to rule the world.  You may ask yourself, "Does this tie into Dark Reign?"  Sure it does.  MODOK contacts Norman Osborn about having a bigger role in things.  Will we see repercussions of this story in other comics?  That's another story.  Check out the review to see what it's all about. 
All I can say is I really enjoyed this comic.  It's amazing that this entire comic was done by just one person, Ryan Dunlavey.  I recently started liking MODOK when he started doing the Marvel What The--?! videos at Marvel.  This just shows how funny a character he can be.  And it's not just about comedy.  We also find out some information about MODOK's past.  Ooooh.   
You need to ask yourself why you read comics.  Comics should be about entertainment.  This book entertains.  It's simply a funny and well written book.  Add Dunlavey's art style to this and the whole thing is just a win.  If you want a comic that is going to make you laugh, check out this book.
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I so need to buy this now.
#2 Posted by Lyrad (379 posts) - - Show Bio

Haha!  Parts of this comic did make me laugh.  The first page with all the voice messages was so funny. 
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This is how you handle lame heroes and villains. Not just killing them off.

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G-Man did you realize how close title is to Ryan Dunlavey is to Reign Delay lol just noticed that?
#5 Posted by FoxxFireArt (3617 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm gonna take a sidestep on the whole shock that one person worked on the book. My opinion on that matter is fairly well known. That being said.
This book really seems in the tradition of an actual 'comic' book. Most of what we call comics really are more graphic novels with little to nothing comical about them. This just looked like something that was designed as a fun read. That's what is great about it. Seems a shame it would be a one shot. It would be fun to make this seasonal and have a parody of whatever major event is currently going on with Marvel. 
I love that bit about him calling Osborn and leaving all the messages. You'd think Osborn would put him on call block.

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Nice M.O.D.O.K. voice, G-Man!  It'd be great if Marvel did some other comedy/parody comics.  Looks funny, we all need a bit of humor in our "funny books".  
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This was actually my pick of the week this week! I loved this book! MODOK (or MODOC) is my favorite Marvel villain and Dunlavey handled this character perfectly. And... it was actually funny! At times, the humor did seem a little forced, but a quick Mind-Blast on the minons made forget those bits.
I, too, was sad it's only a one-shot

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I got to read this!!!

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M.O.D.O.K is funny, but I don't know if I'll get it. I hope some more of those M.O.D.O.K videos come out. They're funny.
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I am SO buying this right NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
PLEASE make this a series and an animated show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D
What girl wouldn't want a giant floating head around the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8D 

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@Namor1987 said:
"G-Man did you realize how close title is to Ryan Dunlavey is to Reign Delay lol just noticed that? "

Haharr!  Oh yeah.  Well noticed.
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This comic had me at high school reunion!

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Why doesn't modok have an ongoing?

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