Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! MODOK & Nick Fury?

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You might remember the announcement in the beginning of June that if you subscribed (or renewed) to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited, you could get an exclusive Nick Fury action figure (seen HERE).  Looks like M.O.D.O.K. jumped at the opportunity to get his hands on a Nick Fury toy to...relieve his fondest wishes.  But things don't go according to plan. 

 Check out the mini-episode of "Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?!"


(Thanks to the user that sent the link my way).
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lol i want now...the funniest is with red hulk "WHO ARE YOU" XD

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I like to see Marvel do some more of those cgi cartoons they did a while back.

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Can't wait for episode 4 :D

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That was epic

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I loved the Modok/Nick Fury vid. I soooo want the Nick and I soooo want one of those Modok action figures, or at least a stuffed Modok pillow!!!!!!!! 8O

Bruce Vain, you are so right. Those were among the best Marvel toons, or any toons, I've ever seen. A series would be spectacular!!!!!!!! 8O
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Modok would be so awesome to have hanging out on top of your monitor.

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Nice one

#9 Posted by Bruce Vain (1833 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Sharp Dressed Lady: 
If they did like an Avengers series like that ooooh it would be so epic!! =D
#10 Posted by Nahero (9350 posts) - - Show Bio

thats just to funny

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