Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Ep. 16 Holiday Edition.

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M.O.D.O.K. tells  a holiday tale telling the sad story of Spider-Man not feeling too jolly thanks to the Avengers. 

#1 Posted by Aeroman (503 posts) - - Show Bio

that is the best one ever happy holidays to marvel and all of comicvine

#2 Posted by kungnima (180 posts) - - Show Bio

Haha, awesome! Hats of!

#3 Posted by sly1015 (9 posts) - - Show Bio

wow that was funny 

#4 Posted by dondasch (926 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL !  Eeny Meeny Miney oh **** it

#5 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (2625 posts) - - Show Bio


#6 Posted by Duncan (11445 posts) - - Show Bio

This is getting better and better.
#7 Posted by spiderguylll (620 posts) - - Show Bio

hawkeye is so mean

#8 Posted by NXH (1031 posts) - - Show Bio

Yes, Hawkeye! Up yours to Spider-Man!!! lol
Merry Christmas everyone!!

#9 Posted by spider-man 2996 (660 posts) - - Show Bio

Thats really funny
#10 Posted by difficlus (10679 posts) - - Show Bio
@spider-man 2996 said:
" Thats really funny "
#11 Posted by Decept-O (7278 posts) - - Show Bio

Loved it!
#12 Posted by lastdrag0n89 (590 posts) - - Show Bio

LMAO!!! Bendis is on the naughty list (2:39)

#13 Posted by xerox_kitty (15762 posts) - - Show Bio

This reminds me of the old Sleigh Ride Of Doom from Toy Fare many years ago :)

#14 Posted by The_Warlord (1777 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL, Sweet Christmas Sale

#15 Posted by Dracade102 (8167 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mr. Dead Pool: What's wrong with M.O.D.O.K? He's never hurt anyone important...
#16 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (2625 posts) - - Show Bio
@Dracade102 said:
" @Mr. Dead Pool: What's wrong with M.O.D.O.K? He's never hurt anyone important... "

He shows up in each and every one of these!!!!! I am just sick of him!!!
#17 Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy (1297 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mr. Dead Pool: I'm sick of Deadpool being in all of these. AND I LOVE DEADPOOL!
#18 Posted by Sheep-Kill (617 posts) - - Show Bio

Lol Simon Garth the Zombie. Awesome!!!

#19 Posted by fynne (7 posts) - - Show Bio

Heh.  Not bad.

#20 Posted by Mercy_ (92704 posts) - - Show Bio


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