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Out of the back pages of Detective Comics came the surprise hit of 1973, “Manhunter,” and its illustrator, Walter Simonson. The series garnered awards and accolades, and the artist quickly became a star sensation. Ten years later he cemented his name among the legends of the comic book field with his epic saga, Thor. From Fantastic Four and X-Factor, to Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars, to Conan and Elric, Simonson can handle any genre with ease, and his stylized, dynamic artwork is an influence on many of today’s top artists. This, along with a grand sense of adventure and powerful storytelling, makes Walter Simonson the subject of the next volume in the Modern Masters series! This trade paperback looks at his life and work, and features an extensive, career-spanning interview lavishly illustrated with rare and unpublished art from his files! Plus, it features an enormous sketchbook section with some of the most amazing illustrations Walter has ever produced. 

Chapter Titles 

  • Part One: Well, This Is Nice. What Else Can You Do?
  • Interlude One:  Archie Goodwin
  • Part Two: Enter Manhunter... and DC Comics
  • Interlude Two: John Workman
  • Part Three: In Space, No One Can Hear You Draw
  • Part Four: It's Nice To Be Best Known For Something
  • Part Five: "X" Marks the Spot
  • Part Six: Let's Do the Time Warp Again
  • Interlude Three: Star Slammers Gallery
  • Part Seven: Gods and Champions
  • Part Eight: Starytelling and the Creative Process

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