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Will this character ever be resolved or forever be lost in Mephisto's relm? I always thought that her and Hawkeye made a great pair for Marvels version of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

#2 Posted by avengpymhawk (1018 posts) - - Show Bio

Well from the events of the Secret Invasion my wish might have came true. Then again you never know. If it is, how cool it would be to see Hawk and her team-up again again.

#3 Posted by fesak (8474 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder how they will solve the continuity errors here?
It seems like Mockingbird is trapped in hell, and returning from Skrullworld at the same time.

#4 Posted by avengpymhawk (1018 posts) - - Show Bio

Maybe the Mockingbird in hell, is the Skrull? That is why I hate the fact that Marvel got rid of the information captions. Now it seams that all these writers are making errors left and right. I loved the fact that a villain would show-up and the caption would tell you that the villain last appeared in this other comic.

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In decades of continuity there has to be mistakes and retcons, it's fact.
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avengpymhawk said:
"Maybe the Mockingbird in hell, is the Skrull? "

But then she would have reverted when she was killed like the other skrulls. She might have been a clone, though.
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Yes mistakes will be made, but that is why there are editors and asst. editors. Also, the writers, editors, and asst. editors has a fan-boy obligation to look it up on the internet.  I swear... This I swear....

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Just read some old Westcoast Avengers. Man, she was a great character!

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   I've already made this post on the Mockingbird site, but I want to repost it here because it fits the thread. 

   My personal opinion is that Mockingbird IS a Skrull...and that the she remembers the miscarrage (and the importance of October 12th), because her memories were implanted from the REAL Mockingbird in the same way we say Jessica Drews memories inplanted in the new Spiderwoman (the Skrull).

   However, I feel that the skrull Mockingbird knows that she and the others on the ship were sent here to die in combat as a distraction and not a real threat. These guys are NOT as dangerious as the skrulls invading New York! The Skrull Mockingbird is losing herself to her implanted "Bobbie Morris" personality and memories, and she is attempting to play out the part, because her Bobbie Morris personality loves Hawkeye.

   She'll be exposed in the end, but will choose to either die saving Clint OR will try -- but fail -- to convince Clint that as she has his dead wifes personality and memories...she might as well BE the real Bobbie Morris. After all, what are we but the sum of our memories? If he rejects her, she'll flee and try to start over again disguised as a human, taking on a new heroic identity and trying to live her life as Bobbie Morris would. Brave and proud...but knowing that she's only a copy of the real Bobbie Morris.

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