Did she die?

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 Book Club?
Today's announcement about the Dead Avengers made me question Bobbi's mortality even more than before...
According to what Tom Pinchuck said Mockingbird was involved in a story arc by Busiek/ Perez on AVENGERS

"That particular adventure resurrected Wonder Man for good and also featured Thunderstrike and Mockingbird (as she was dead at the time.)  Van Lente says he’s going to be paying tribute to the classic runs that originally featured these characters"

This is the second time I notice that Mockingbird's character is addressed even after she supposedly died. According to Wikipedia and the Comic Vine database Mocking bird appeared in the mini series X-Statix Presents: Deadgirl.

"She is later seen attending a book club in the realm of the dead along with Gwen Stacy and Dead Girl.

Also the database says this:

"However it seems all these post-mortem appearances were in fact the skrull that replaced Bobbi years before, just prior to her abduction by Ultron."

So a Skrull took over Bobbi's life and continued to be her even after she was dead?!?! According to Secret Invasion the Skrulls would revert to normal after death. 
I am a big fan of the character but I only read stories showcasing her up until her return in Secret Invasion...
Does anybody have a hypothesis about this, cause I don't think it has been addressed yet, and if it has then can somebody conjure up the answer?
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my hypothesis??   Plot hole

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She was scene playing cards with the dead members of great lakes avengers. Doorman was able to be brought back from the dead. She could be revived by Doorman and Deathurge

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@Hazlenaut:  I agree that what I think
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   The simple fact is that the current crop of Avengers writers (Bendis being the worst offender) and Joe Q himself, have no respect for either continuity or history. Think about the huge mass of previously dead villans who just showed up alive with no explanation durring the last few years.  
  Then again...this has happened a lot durring the last two decades. Remember, guys like Bucky and the Green Goblin were shown as dead and in the afterlife...then show up having always been alive. Sloppy writers...sloppy writers...

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