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To avoid having their work claimed as 'work for hire', a group of technicians from various research firms worked on the sly to build their own android. Using modified and adapted parts they stole, they eventually constructed Android Mark R.
Although Mark was more successful than they dreamed, they still feared reprisal from their employers and decided to dismantle the android. Mocker - as Mark renamed himself - was understandably upset with this idea, and killed all of his creators. He then embarked on a series of raids against the parent corporations from which his parts were derived, so that he could stockpile enough parts with which to repair himself in the future.
On one of these raids, he first encountered FIST, and they joined forces. Shortly thereafter, they recruited other villainous sorts and formed the Crushers.

Powers and Abilities

As an android, Mocker possesses a degree of durability far above that of normal humans. His voice modulation allows him to emit powerful, damaging sonic screams, as well as more subtle effects. As his name implies, he is fond of taunting his foes in combat, using his powers to throw his voice and confuse his enemies with ventriloquism or sound imitation.
Mocker's creators, in a sense of morbid humor, built him with a giant smiley face for a head. He has yet to find a means to replace it without affecting his normal functions. Mocker is incredibly sensitive about his appearance, and wears a hood at all times to try and hide it.

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