Hammer! unworthy cant lift Mjolnir, weighs 300billion elephants

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Beloved astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson is no stranger to the world of comic book superheroes, having already found the location for Superman's home planet. He has now turned his keen scientific mind to the Marvel world and the issue of just how much Thor's mighty hammer weighs.Thor's hammer Mjölnir is said to be made of neutron-star matter. Tyson did the calculations and determined the hammer must therefore weigh as much as 300 billion elephants


Should 300 billion elephants be the official strike-power of one of Thor's hail mary haymaker strikes?

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Except it doesn't. Its hold down by odin's magic. By that logic, captain America should be able to lift 300 billion elephants.

And tony's uru's suit should weigh more than that.

But I see where he's coming from.

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Wow then Captain America does in fact have super strength!

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