Can Wonder Woman lift the Mjolnir?

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Can she do so?

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She did do that in the horrid marvel vs dc crossover.

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Yes because she is Wonder Woman.

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I'm thinkin no. Especially the DCnU version. The father of Thor ain't gonna let no daughter of Zeus play with his son's toys.

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@moywar700 said:

Can she do so?


She did it in a non canon comic, though.

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i think that the Question is not "can" she, it is more when will she get a Second Opportunity to do so. because we all know she is more then worthy of Mjolnir. :)

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Well, she is basically the DC version of Thor,(daughter of the main diety of the that universe and the mythical member of the big three) so i would say yeah

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DC Vs. Marvel (and JLA/Avengers) are both CANON for both DC and Marvel.

@nerdsftw said:

@moywar700 said:

Can she do so?


She did it in a non canon comic, though.

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