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MjNari was the elder, and leader of the Shani tribe in South Africa. He was very old, though his age was never mentioned, he was referred to as the old one by even the elderly of the tribe. He briefly befriended Storm after she lost her powers, and was wandering through south Africa in Search of herself. When a new child was born stillborn, Storm revived him, and due to strict Shani tradition, an elder of the tribe was to sacrifice himself, and MjNari did so without opposition. Storm tried desperately to talk him out of it, but he explained to her that their tribe had as many as the land they lived on could support, and that the very old had to make way for the very new, so any time a child was born an elder must die. When he died he named Storm as his successor, and she was also named as the godmother to the new born baby boy, who she named MjNari in the elders Honor. 
His words Storm still linger with storm. 
"And yet though he is gone, I still hear his voice. -'Somewhere on these plains it is said, countless ages ago, the human race began. Now two great cultures crash headlong into each other. The very old against the very new. The one must give way for the other for that is natures way. But at the same time it's wisdom and experience must teach lest youth and immaturity bring about unwitting catastrophe. Technology is not inherently bad, merely the careless and stupid use of it. Neither tradition is wholly good, if it blinds us to ways of making our lives better and happier. A bridge needed between these two halves, a synthesis, a blend, a person who is both one and the other, who’s mind comprehends and who’s hands command the machines, yet who's eyes and soul look upon them with the wisdom of the ages."    

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