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Fashion Sense.
Misty first appeared as Zatanna's apprentice during the Seven Soliders mini-series. She was a big help to Zatanna as Misty brought back some of her confidence. Misty looks up to Zatanna completely and thinks she's amazing. Not just her magic but with her fashion sense too. Misty is a quick learner and was able (with the help of her die) to become a very good magician very quickly.
Misty first met Zatanna while Zatanna was participating in a self-esteem workshop. Misty had run away from home and asked her die to find Zatanna.
During the Seven Soliders Misty accompanied Zatanna on her quest and was able to help the powerful magician out of many hairy situations.
Misty and Zatanna became very close making parting ways extremely hard. Misty didn't want to leave her mentor and Zatanna even felt a little remorse for having to leave Misty. However it was part of the learning experience. Misty needed to be able to go out into the world on her own in order to grow into a better magician. Since her time with Zatanna, Misty has improved her skills exponentially and is really on her way.

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