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A crime boss, the mysterious Mr. X, recruits The Catwoman as an advisor for planning crimes. Fleeing from the Batman after one such crime, the Catwoman hits her head and is captured. In captivity, she claims to be stewardess Selina Kyle. Batman investigates and finds that a plane crash made her lose her memory, and past association with cats led her to create the Catwoman persona. Batman asks the law-abiding Selina to continue as the Catwoman to act as a mole in Mr. X's organization. A petty crook named Mousey learns of Catwoman's reformation and informs Mr. X, leading to both Catwoman and Batman being trapped. Eventually, Batman reveals Mr. X to be Mousey himself, and Selina Kyle retires the identity of the Catwoman.


-This character is the second Batman antagonist to use the name Mister X. The first "Mr. X" the villain in the 1942 World's Finest Comics #6 Batman story.

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