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Mister Twister I

 Battling the Titans

One of the Teen Titans earliest foes. He kidnapped the children of Hatton Corners and demanded a large ransom for their return, he thought his ancestor was owed this. He was not taken seriously because he was not yet known as Mr. Twister. He got his magic staff, that grants him all his powers, from an evil being ( Antithesis) in his computer. With his new found powers he terrorized the people of Hatton corners but soon defeated by the young sidekicks known as Aqualad, Kid Flash ( Wally West) and Robin ( Dick Grayson).

Antithesis was not finished with Bromwell. He was captured and taken to limbo where Antithesis transformed into a Gargoyle with brand new powers. As the Gargoyle, Bromwell has continuously tried to annoy and disturb the Teen Titans. In an attempt to set himself free from Limbo, Gargoyle fiddled with Mal Duncans, also known as The Herald or Vox, horn so that every time it was used a gateway between limbo and the real world would be opened little by little. His plans were foiled by the Titans and Mal destroyed the horn. Bromwell is still trapped in Limbo serving Antithesis. 

Mister Twister II

In Metropolis

The second Mister Twister was a terrorist who threatened to kill people with explosives for ransom. He was a Booster Gold Villain.  The first time he met Booster he took  hostages at the Metroplex during a hockey game in Metropolis. Mister Twister was going to set off a bomb as big as a Zamboni. Everyone in the hockey rink is horrified when twister murders one of the hockey players.  Booster arrives and with the help from Skeets gets into the hockey rink. Mister Twister knows something is up when his radar device beeps and, levels his gun at the hockey team and threatens to shoot unless the intruder shows himself.

When Booster surrenders he tells the hockey players to beat up Booster or he'll star shooting the crowd. Booster rolls with the punches until he gets a shot off penetrating the transformer box. This turns out all the lights and Mister Twister sets off the bomb. Booster picks up the bomb and is shot at all the while by Mister Twister. Booster crashes though the roof with the bomb and quickly flies into the sky and lets it explode. Skeets meanwhile shoots Mister Twister stunning him. 

Appearances in Other Media

Young Justice - Welcome to Happy Harbor
A highly redesigned version of Bromwell appears in the Young Justice cartoon. This version is a powered armored villain with control over the weather. After being defeated by the team, it's shown that the pilot is also a robot controlled by the real Bromwell Stikk.

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