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Guest-starring The Blackhawks! It's Mister Terrific vs. the technological monstrosity called Digitus – and to destroy his greatest foe yet, Michael may be forced to destroy Holt Industries! But as one enemy is defeated, another rises from a shocking source: the U.S. Government! Also, betrayal rocks Mister Terrific's life when he discovers that his ex-girlfriend, the mysterious Karen Starr, may be more than she seems.

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I can't wait.... 0

This was quite a fun series to pick up and read each week. Some might have thought it boring and campy but I loved it. I really enjoyed how Eric Wallace handled the series after it was announced that it would be cancelled. He seemed to commit to every idea and story he wanted to tell with this book. And he did it with just eight issues. He told more story with those last few issues than I thought possible.The ending! Man oh man the ending. A story is only as good as its ending. Eric Wallace pull...

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Mister Terrific you are under arrest! 0

ITS OVER!!! *Pulls out a party hat, a party popper and a party whistle* Oh what a joyous occasion this is. Finally Mister Terrific can be taken out of the hands of Eric Wallace and placed into better hands (hopefully) in Earth-2. Oh what a joyous occasion this is. Oh, how the church bells in the village shall ring in celebration, and how the children shall dance around the maypole while the rest of the village sings in delight. Ahhhhh. Ok so it’s pretty obvious that this series and I didn’t get ...

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Just keep rolling 0

So it comes to the end of this series, which for me started off pretty well but never really maintained the interesting start from say the first half of the first issue.  The series in my mind was constructed as an attempt by DC to create an Iron Man like character, but in so doing I think they likely went too far with it.  All too often the min character here spouted out scientific sounding words which were so out of place that they made little sense.  This particular issue also suffers a littl...

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