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Mister Punch is a member of Commedia Dell'Morte translated the Comedy of Death which are a group of assassins from Europe dressed as "stock characters" from classical opera. Mister Punch is an uneducated powerhouse with a hair-trigger temper. The group is led by Pagliacci and also consist of  Mister Punch, Pantalone, La Signora and Captain Scaramouche. They claim to be Europe's greatest assassins and they come to New York City in search of one of their members named Columbina. This group competed with a mercenary known as Crime-Buster for the same contract on a Camorra mafia informant when he had kidnapped Columbina and brought her to the states. Crime-Buster is later found dead in his apartment and the Comedy of Death confront the new Power Man after he leaves the apartment of the dead mercenary. Iron Fist comes to the aid of his partner and a brief scuffle occurs. Mister Punch would slam Power Man into the ground and the two would trade punches during their fight. Mister Punch and the rest of Commedia Dell'Morte escape before the police arrive.  


Mister Punch was created by  Fred Van Lente and  Wellington Alves in 2011 and first appeared in  Power Man and Iron Fist # 1.     

Powers & Abilities

Mister Punch appears to have enhanced strength and durability but to what degree remains unknown.

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