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Maxi-man isn't an inept hero, he's simply an unlucky one.  The would-be rescuer simply finds his attempts at heroism constantly interrupted by the League, the Titans, or any number of other, more popular heroes.  Thus, like the rest of the DC Universe, he is under the impression that there is absolutely nobody who could possibly interrupt his plans for his new life in Bailey, NH.
Scott, meanwhile, has fended off the enterprising ideas of Oberon and Ted Brown and returned to his shop for more honest work.  In a heated argument, Oberon sprays Scott and a customer with a compound from a repellent gun and the two of them find themselves instantly clean and well-feeling.
Barda continues her work in the local daycare and is stunned to find one of the children cradling a small monkey in a faraway corner.  To everyone's shock, it appears that the monkey had been experimented upon.

On his way home, a fire truck passes by Scott.  He investigates the fire and changes costumes in order to assist in the rescue process.  Mister Miracle has no trouble breaking through the building's extensive computerized and mechanical locks to reach the people inside.   Unfortunately, doing so reveals his presence in the town to the press.  Worse yet, Maxi Man finds himself cheated out of yet another rescue and swears revenge.

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