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Mister Miracle, Barda, Blue Beetle, and Booster Gold are under siege in Scott's repair shop by four Ivo Androids.  Realizing that innocent lives are at risk and that they can't change costumes in view of the public, the heroes retreat to relative safety outside of town. After a protracted battle against android parts, Scott uses his multi-cube to generate a magnetic scrambling field that disables the robots.
Thinking that Ivo's androids deserve a fate better than the scrap heap, Scott rebuilds the robots into the likenesses of a remarkably familiarly famous band from the 60s, and a Marx Brother.  As is her tendency to do so, Barda storms home.  Blue Beetle, ever the mooch, asks what's for dinner.  
Two of the neighborhood children, armed with binoculars and other spy toys, start snooping on the Frees.  This will prove an even greater nuisance in future issues
Just as Scott and Barda are about to share an intimate moment, Oberon returns home.  And who should he bring with him but Ted Brown, the brother of the late Thaddeus Brown.  Ted bears with him a promotional poster for his proposed "1990 tour".

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