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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle come for a visit and interrupt Mr. Miracle and Big Barda's normal lives.

Like a surprising number of other individuals in the DC universe, a certain "Professor Ivo" has come to Bailey, NH to find a bit of peace and tranquility. We soon learn, however, that it is not the one true Ivo, but rather multiple androids that are based on his likeness and personality. The five automata spend their days watching movies, eating Chinese take-out, and sleeping the afternoon blissfully away.

And they are more than happy to do so until one of them happens to spot a certain easily-identified, blue-hued and beetle-shaped aircraft out their apartment window. Barda, who has taken a job assisting at a day-care center, likewise spots Beetle's favored mode of transportation and storms off with the intention of confronting the JLI's most publicity hungry duo.

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle crash Scott's fix-it shop (not literally, of course). Rather than risk exposing Mister Miracle's secret identity, the trio pass the appearance off as a promotional stunt. Barda is placated by this explanation, but still doesn't care for the additional company after putting up with the Forever People only days earlier. An Ivo Android manages to identify Blue Beetle and proceeds to trash the shop. Booster decapitates the robot, much to the relief of the stunned crowd. Sadly, the four remaining androids, now quite aware of the League presence in their town, decide to press the attack.

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